Saturday, December 7, 2019

What is a Social Gambling Engine?

At our team is enthusiastic about working on the world's first social gambling engine. The GambleRock social gambling engine (SGE) combines social network game technology with the latest advancements in AI to bring gamblers interactive games and deep learning gambling devices.

I'm developing the social gambling engine to bring gambler's an unparalleled gambling experience that can't be rivaled with anything else in cyberspace. GambleRock's artificial intelligence (AI) uses machine learning algorithms to learn about your personal style of play so it can adjust & adapt to deliver a personalized online gambling experience unlike anything ever seen in social before now.

Social networking services have been around for the latest couple of decades. They are just now entering into an entirely new realm with with introduction of artificial intelligence into social gambling software.

GambleRock is an online gambling network first and foremost. What exactly that entails adjusts and adapts itself much like how a recursive learning algorithm does in AI.

Our goal is to learn how to build responsible & intelligent self learning algorithms and discover ways that AI can be used to leverage these new technologies for the betterment of everyone on plant Earth.

We are at the beginning of an entirely new era of computing. I am just beginning my research and understanding of the capabilities and limitations of this filed. Hopefully the costs can be brought down as they currently limit smaller companies like GambleRock to smaller experiments. Larger experiments that must scale is one of the bigger challenges faced in the filed of artificial intelligence.

Monday, November 25, 2019

3 Reasons to Give Baccarat a Try

Why Play Baccarat?

Listed below I've give you 3 reasons to consider trying out baccarat the next time you find yourself playing casino games. 

  1. Baccarat is easy to play & easy to learn (you bet on either the banker or the player). 
  2. It has fair odds (better odds than every other game except blackjack & true odds craps wagers).
  3. High payouts on side bets (gamblers seeking high payout bets will enjoy baccarat side wagers such as the tie, pair, dragon that panda have very high payouts).
Photo of player and banker in the Baccarat casino game. Image credit:

GambleRock's Free Baccarat Games

Play this free baccarat game by Realtime Gaming software on GambleRock and see what you can do with a $1,000 gRock bankroll (virtual coinage and not real loot). When you play baccarat free on GambleRock online casino you get the fun action and excitement out of the free game without having to pay a 5% commission. You can also try this free baccarat app recommended for mobile phones. 

I get a lot of questions from people asking me about baccarat strategies. While everyone has their own opinion, I'm of the mindset that most betting strategies don't work and those that do only work for a limited period of time. Now that I've stated that, the BUT comes naturally with the exception of long player and banker runs in Baccarat. Read my baccarat strategy page to learn more about betting on banker runs and player runs. 

2020 Reviews of the Best Online Gambling Sites

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Try GambleRock's Mobile Gambling Games

gRock's Mobile Gambling Games

On (gRock) you have access to realistic mobile casino games with high quality game graphics. This creates a life-like online gambling experience on mobile devices like iPads, tablets & smartphones. GambleRock's mobile gambling site provides a unique mix of free betting games to play from a broad range of online casino software suppliers.

GambleRock's New Logo Source:
We recently underwent a website redesign and complete gRock site relaunch. Come check out the all new GambleRock online gambling community today and let us know how you like it.

Play classic 777 slots casino games and free blackjack games on GambleRock's social casino website. It's loaded with realistic online casino games you get to play for free with 1,000 virtual casino chips.

GambleRock coins have no real cash value and are only used for fun play social gambling with your friends and other gRock users. If your virtual balance runs low or you lose all of your free chips you can instantly start over with 1,000 free coins by refreshing your web's browser.

On top of free mobile casino games, you will also get monthly ratings of the best online sportsbooks and bookmaker websites for betting on sports online. See the gRock mobile sportsbook reviews to find trusted mobile sports betting sites to place your bets with.

GambleRock Online Casino Games

Visitors to get a great selection of popular casino games to play including everything from online slots and video poker machines to baccarat, 6 deck blackjack and European roulette. Other entertaining casino games at GambleRock online casino you can play with 1,000 free coins include Jacks or Better video poker, Free Slots 777 and Jack Frost slots. A new game is added to gRock each week.

Don't waste your money playing at casinos online for real money because in the end the house wins. So instead on the next time you would like to gamble online for money try playing GambleRock's mobile casino and invite your friends to join you for a more engaging social gambling experience. Play gRock casino now on your smartphone or mobile tablet. 

Sign up for free in minutes at the official GambleRock web site

Friday, October 4, 2019

Play Free Casino Games Online - Blackjack, Slots, Video Poker

This week GambleRock online casino introduced 6 new free casino games to our community. The free flash games are from Realtime Gaming software and include blackjack, slots and video poker. There are 2 casino games of each category to be more precise. You can find more information on the new gRock games in the official GambleRock blog post below.

Slot Machines

Looking for some entertaining online slots to spin? Come on in and play the new free online slot machines that we've just added to Both of the new slots are powered by RTG gaming software and offer $1,000 in free coins to spin (fun money).

First up is the all new gRock Storm Lords slot machine. The storm lords game graphics & symbols, much like the name, are something fierce. They give you a certain energy that's quite interesting as you anticipate the winning spin to win yourself a mega slots jackpot. The bonus rounds, wilds & scatters make playing Storm Lords slots a super fun and thrilling online gambling experience.

Storm Lords Slots
Storm Lords Image Source:

Next we have added a slot classic. Try GambleRock's free slots 777 game for a new online spin on an all-time classic slot machine. Slot fanatics like myself are going to love the free 777 slots on GambleRock. When you land a 7 or multiple 7's on the pay-line you can hold them on the pay-line and respin the remaining reels for a chance to win a major money multiplier payout.

Free Slots 777 GambleRock
Free Slots 777 Image Source:

Blackjack now offers two different blackjack games to play for free. Personally, I prefer the six deck blackjack game as you can play it for a longer time frame without having to stop frequently for another shuffle. We've also added single deck and European blackjack games that you can play for a really fun time on gRock Casino.

Blackjack beginners can get a free online education in the game of 21 by studying Benjamin Ogden's Blackjack Strategy & Beyond - Tips for Winning. It will take you from first learning basic blackjack strategy to later counting cards and beyond into shuffle tracking and more.

Video Poker

For a good number of Advantage bettors, video poker is fast becoming a popular go-to game to play online using Advantage betting techniques. One of the amazing facts about video poker games is that you can actually use video poker strategy to game the system. And it really works too (at least that's the rumor in the advantage players community). 

To play gRock's free video poker games try either Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better

Gamble Rock

The Gamble Rock online gambling guide is your #1 site for trusted reviews of online casinos, sports books and poker web sites. Visit gRock on the web:

Sunday, September 22, 2019

How to Play Blackjack and Win


In many parts of the world blackjack is the #1 card game inside the casino. This post will teach you How to play blackjack and WIN. We can't guarantee that you'll win for sure because luck and random outcomes still play a major part in the final outcome. However, blackjack is a game of math and its odds of winning are the best that you'll find in the house ( the casino ).

Basic Blackjack Strategy

The reason that blackjack has become one of the world's most loved casino games is due to something called "basic blackjack strategy". Also know as "blackjack strategy" and "basic strategy", it gives the player the best move to make ( mathematically speaking ) in every possible scenario that they will face during blackjack game play. Basic blackjack strategy will not guarantee that you win. It will give you the best possible chance to win against the dealer. It reduces the casino's house edge to as low as 0.5%, much lower than other popular casino games like roulette and slot machines.

How to Play Blackjack ( 21 )

Once you've learned how to play blackjack its time to put your lessons to the test. Playing 21 for real money is a lot of fun and if you're lucky you have a chance to win a lot of money too. Never forget the blackjack ( and all casino games ) are gambling activities (aka risky ) so you risk the chance of losing your money as well. This is where other strategies like bankroll management and bet sizing come into play when you're playing blackjack for real money.

Online Blackjack Strategy

The same strategy applies to online blackjack play that you've already learned. In my opinion, basic blackjack strategy actually works better at online casinos than it does in real world land based casinos. Reason being that online Internet casino sites shuffle the blackjack cards always prior to dealing them to the players at the table. In actual casinos the cards get dealt out of the shoe to the players and will continue doing so as the game continues. As more cards come out of the shoe the odds of basic strategy change somewhat and the proper move to make might actually be different depending on the remaining cards that have yet to be dealt out to the table.

Online Blackjack Table

Free Online Casino Chips

Players who bet on blackjack online have multiple choices of what casinos to play at. The online casinos are all lining up to compete for your business. To attract new players some gambling sites give away free chips with no deposit required. Smart players and advantage gamblers will redeem these chips before making a real money deposit with an online casino.